Study, Work and Live in New Zealand

New Zealand does not only have stunning scenery but it is equality exciting to live in due to the high quality of education and work life. New Zealand is no doubt becoming an important player in the global education industry. The education model followed by schools and universities is highly practical and research oriented as it has been adopted from the principles and guidelines of the British Universities.

New Zealand is fast emerging as an interesting education hub especially because its government is investing heavily in education sector. It is projected that international enrolments will double by 2025 compared to what they are today. The New Zealand universities provide a huge range of study and research opportunities. There are broad ranges of academic and vocational or professional studies. Seven out of eight universities in New Zealand have been featured amongst the top 500 universities across the world.

New Zealand also provides great value for money in the cost of living. The goods and services in the country are not only of high quality but they are economical for a student or a professional working there. The cost of living in New Zealand is lesser than that of United Kingdom and the United States.

The culture of the country is easy going and relaxed, and there are a broad range of restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets available in the country. Eating and living healthy is quite easy as New Zealand is a major producer of foods like dairy products and various fresh fruits and vegetables. These being in abundance are also inexpensive. Accommodation is also not a problem in New Zealand as most of the universities have hostels on their own campuses or students can also live in flats rented nearby. A room in a shared apartment is a popular option among students in New Zealand. Many students choose to live in home stays.

Besides getting great quality education, students also have a wide variety of recreational activities and facilities in New Zealand. There is horde of things for the students to see and explore in this way there is no dearth of fun in this country. New Zealand presents great diversity in its landscapes and environments ranging from green farmlands, beautiful beaches to snow covered mountains. Also there are technologically advanced and established cities. Recreational activities can range from surfing, skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, golfing to mountaineering. One of the best things is that all these can be enjoyed in beautiful, serene and pristine environments. The country has ample cinemas, art galleries, night clubs, gymnasiums and health and wellness centres. There is also good emphasis on playing team sports like soccer, rugby, cricket and other sports in the country.

Studying in New Zealand is also very safe. New Zealand follows a mandatory Code of Conduct and in this way it is known for the best practices in its care for the well-being and safety and security of its students.

To be able to study for a long time in New Zealand or to do a full time study programme, a student visa and student permit is required. This is always applicable unless the student or applicant is from a country that has a special arrangement with New Zealand. A visitor travelling to New Zealand can study for less than three months without requiring a student permit.

Studying in New Zealand surely offers students the opportunities to not only gain high quality education but also to create and develop a high quality life for them, being one of the best places in the world to study and to live.

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