Masters Engineering in Poland

Masters in Engineering?

Masters in Engineering, abbreviated as M.Eng or M.Tech is someone who has a professional or an academic master’s degree in the field of engineering. Like all other master’s degree courses, this also prepares students to work in much more specified areas. The course helps students to become more developed in their respective fields, work on better subjects as well as get better exposure.

Masters in Engineering in Polish Universities

Regulated and controlled by the State Accreditation Committee, higher education in Poland is quite advanced and of high standards. Poland happens to be one of the best places to undertake technical courses since technology and science is one of the advanced sectors of the country. There are many technical institutions across the country which deliver quality teaching, the results of which becomes evident when Polish students score the highest at various international technical competitions.

Some of the top universities of Poland where one can study their master’s courses in engineering are:

  • Poznan University of Technology
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Cracow University of Technology
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Opole University of Technology
  • Rzeszow University of Technology
  • Silesian University of Technology
  • UTP University of Science and Technology
  • Wroclaw University of Technology

Eligibility for Entering the Course

Since the courses are taught in English, a B2 level of proficiency in English, which is under the Common European Framework is essential or a level 6 in IELTS. Along with this, students must also have a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree. Students from the EU/EFTA must apply during the electronic recruitment process of candidates, post which they will have to sit for an interview, on being selected. Once all documents are submitted, a list of students who might get a chance will be published which will be further authorised by the University Recruitment Commission. Students applying from beyond the EU/EFTA must send all relevant documents related to their admission to the university through post or mail and then await the university’s response. They then need to submit the admission fees and apply for visa.

Documents required during admission are:

  • Original copy of past educational degree certificates
  • Copy of medical certificate
  • Copy of valid visa
  • Copy of photographs

The fee for the course is about €2000 per year, approximately.

Future Prospects with the Course

Since only a small percentage of engineering students go for the master’s courses, those who do will benefit largely. They will get better working positions and salaries and offers from better companies. Those willing to take up research also have a brighter prospect and it is likely that the student will be able to develop better analytical and practical skills.

There are several engineering institutions in Poland and these are highly renowned and reputed. We offer complete assistance in choosing the right engineering course as well as the university for completing your engineering education.

If you have decided to pursue master’s degree in biomedical engineering, then you are armed with three options. There is Masters of Science, Master of Engineering in biomedical engineering as well a Master of Engineering in Clinical Engineering. These three choices are designed for varying career levels even though the estimated level for academic performance for students remains the same usually.

The Masters of Science option is best suited for those students who are keen to study a particular field from biomedical engineering research or even practice. This Masters program requires a clear idea and usually, it is the first degree for the students who are keen to do complete specialization.

Unlike Masters of Science, the other two options for Masters do not necessitate any clear views and are geared for students who want to acquire professional degrees. These two Masters degrees are best suited for those who want to find jobs in clinical institutions and hospitals. The reason for this is that these two courses are specifically designed for those individuals who wish to carve a career in providing health care to patients in hospitals and other health care institutions.

Also, if a student wishes to get employed in a hospital or in any clinical institution, an internship experience is absolutely necessary. Students opting for the Master’s program should be completely devoted to their course.

The Warsaw University of Technology is the most renowned school to complete masters level education in engineering. It was christened by this name in the year 1915. This technical institute in Poland takes ahead the long-known convention of Preparatory School for the Institute of Technology that was set up in the year 1826 in Warsaw, thanks to relentless efforts of Stanislaw Staszic. This institute’s roots can also be traced to the Stanislaw Rotwand School of Machine Construction and Electrical Engineering as well as to Hipolit Wawelberg. Since the time it was established, the Warsaw University of technology has churned out several highly qualified engineers who have contributed significantly to the growth of technical science industry.

Some of the post-graduate courses in engineering offered at this university are-

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Information Technology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Optics in Science and Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Electronics and Telecommunications, spec. Radio Communication System and Networks
  • Control Engineering and Robotics, spec. Decision Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering, spec. International Design Engineer
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