Study in Poland but what to study in Poland?

What to study?

It is a basic question of all young attending to high schools. It is important decision so choose your study programme wisely. First of all try to answer a question: “what do I like?”. Then try to match your interests with some school subjects. If you like chemistry maybe you should choose your studies in the field of life science? Of course the decision is not as straight. The most important is to study something that interest you.

When going to study abroad don’t forget to check if the study programme is available in the language you use. Usually studies in foreign country are conducted in English. To study in Poland you don’t have to speak Polish you can study in English here! You can study here very different majors in very different institutions and specialized universities.

In Poland the most popular educational institution for studies is called “uniwersytet” – university.

Across the country there are many universities offering lots of different study programmes. Usually at university most common are social science or humanities programmes but often you can find here other study fields such as chemistry or mathematics.

If you won’t find an interesting major at the university you definitely should search among other educational institutions. There are many specialized universities among them the main are:

Medical Universities – this university can be briefly described as a place where future doctors and other medical stuff are being prepared for their profession. Studies here usually lasts 6 years and finish with the national examination. This  type of university should be chosen by those candidates who would like to work in widely known health services.

Exemplary programmes:

– Medical studies

– Dentistry

– Pharmacy

Technical Universities – a popular in Poland type of university where most of programmes deals with science, technology and engineering. There are also some related subjects like: production management, architecture or transport. It is a place for those who would like to start professional career as an engineer.

Exemplary programmes:
– Computer Science

– Biotechnology

– Civil engineering

Economics Universities – a type of university which focus on economics and other related fields such as: management, law, international relations. These universities can be described as “business school” where lots of different fields of knowledge meet together.

Exemplary programmes:

– Economics

– Management

– Finance and accounting

Life Science and Environmental Universities – it is a proposition for those who are interested in nature protection, animals care or agriculture. You may be more familiar with the name “agriculture university” but the programmes of these universities covers more than only agriculture issues.

Exemplary programmes:

– Veterinary medicine

– Environmental protection

– Food science and nutrition

Academies of Fine Arts – it is a special place where different currents in art meet together. Drawing, painting, sculpturing and modern visual arts at one place. Often there are also some programmes dealing with design or architecture heritage. This type of university should be chosen by artistically gifted and creative candidates.

Exemplary programmes:

– Painting

– Interior design

– Graphic arts

Music Academies – future performers starts here! There are several music academies in Poland but their study programmes don’t differ much. All Academies (or music universities) offers most common music courses.

Exemplary programmes:

– Instrumental performance

– Vocal performance

– Conducting

Maritime Schools – there are few such schools in Poland. They are preparing students for maritime professions and make it possible to become a sailor. Finishing studies there enables you to get a job also on land not only in sea industry enterprises.

Exemplary programmes:
– Navigation

– Mechanical engineering

– Logistics

University School of Physical Education – if you bind your career with sport you definitely should choose one of these schools. Here you can find also sport related courses as physiotherapy.

Exemplary programmes:

– Physical education

– Tourism and leisure

– Physiotherapy

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