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What is MBA??

The Master’s in Business Administration course originated in the United States post industrialization when there was a need to adopt scientific approaches towards management. It is a professional degree whose importance is being realized worldwide now. With time, a lot of specializations for BBA have emerged. The core subjects however remain accounting, marketing, finance, operations management and human resources. Most courses also offer elective subjects. With the rise in working professionals taking up the course, a large number of universities across the world offer part time, distance and some even online courses on MBA.

MBA in Polish Universities?

MBA in Poland – The entire education system in Poland is very advanced and the course of MBA is no exception to this. Students who have completed their MBA from Poland are now established as distinguished professionals in major posts all across the globe in various multinational companies. Professors in Polish universities come mostly from Europe or the U.S.A and are also discerned and well established in their field. MBA courses in Poland are also much less expensive as compared to that in other countries of the continent.

Some of the leading MBA courses in Poland are:

  • Executive MBA
  • Canadian Executive MBA
  • International MBA

Universities which offer MBA courses include:

  • University of Warsaw
  • National Louis University
  • Poznan University of Economics
  • Warsaw School of Economics
  • Cracow University of Economics
  • Centre for Management Training
  • Polish Academy of Sciences – Institute of Economics

The course fee for a year of studying MBA in Poland is approximately €3000 per year.

Eligibility for Entering Course

Students with either bachelors or master’s degree can apply to MBA courses in Poland. Some courses require the applicants to show proof of having worked for a certain time period, either in Poland or elsewhere. Documents required at the time of application are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Covering letter explaining why one has chosen that particular university
  • Authenticated copy of master’s or bachelor’s course completed by applicant
  • Authenticated copy of grades of last two years of study, signed by the dean of the university from which one has completed their last course
  • If the university or course one is applying to, requires the student to have a work experience, then the applicant must show proof of having worked for a specified period of time in some organisation
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Certificates as proof of completion of previous educational courses
  • Proof of payment

Future Prospects with the Course

Approach to education in MBA courses in Poland is unique and addresses real life situations and conditions of the modern world. Teaching methods are modern and the environment is modern thus making students appropriately equipped to handle all sorts of situations in their work field no matter which country they work in.

Poland universities offer an exciting environment for students wishing to pursue management courses. These universities draw students from different parts of the globe. Masters programs in management involve a specialized study either in a particular research field or any domain of professional practice.

We offer inclusive services when it comes to choosing the right university to complete a masters program in management. When a student earns a masters degree in management, it portrays an advanced level or mastery in the particular subject. The student may have to invest a year or may three or four years to acquire a masters degree in management. Before you get your masters degree, you have to write a thesis and also defend it. This thesis is essentially a lengthy paper that serves as a zenith for the specialized research on which you have worked upon.

With a Master’s program in management, students will be acquainted with the right tools for handling different situations that relate to general management. The subjects included in a general management master’s program are usually business strategy, business ethics, human resources, entrepreneurship, finance, management theories and several others.

One strong reason why we recommend Poland to complete your masters program in management is that this country offers a significantly lower cost of studying and living as compared to any other country in the European Union. Also, EEA/EU students do not have to apply for a visa for studying in Poland. The masters program in management are designed to educate researchers, experts, international managers, executives, consultants and other professionals.

The University of Warsaw in Poland offers post-graduate programs in management and is one of the most reputed schools to study masters level program in management. This university also organizes vocational courses, summer schools, undertakes interdisciplinary programmes and also comes up with innovative teaching patterns and techniques. Its masters program in management is designed to cater to the new needs and requirements of the evolving world as well as the complexity and the challenged faced by the current labor market.

The University of Warsaw was set up in the year 1816. The strength of academic staff is nearly 3300. There are around 61, 300 students studying at this university and around 65 percent of them are women. Around 4700 international students study management at this university.

Students enrolled at the University of Warsaw are highly competitive and multi-talented. The university has a record of churning students who win several championships and contests. The vocational as well as scientific development of the students here is motivated by various organizations, offices as well as other institutions.

The students from University of Warsaw are highly valued by international as well as national companies and this university has given some successful entrepreneurs, well-known personalities and eminent writers and scholars and also some Nobel Prize laureates.

The Warsaw University of Technology Business School is yet another prominent business school in Poland, offering several masters level programs in management. This is one of the leading institutions offering business education and was established in the year 1991. It was set up as a collaborative venture between London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris, Warsaw University of Technology and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

  1. Global Production Engineering Management
  2. MA in Management, spec. International Management
  3. MA in Management, spec. Small Business Economics & Management
  4. MBA Healthcare
  5. MBA in Strategy and Programme Management
  6. MBA Sports Management
  7. Masters of International Business
  8. Master’s of European Economics and Finance
  9. MSC in Management
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