Common English Error in Essay Writing

Common English Error in Essay Writing

English language is most important language in all over the world. This language is little bit complicated because there are several number of special spelling and grammar rules that must be followed in Essay Writing.

As we see many English speaker has average writing skills and they make many common mistakes in writing. If you want to write an excellent essay then you have to take help of an experienced and skilled person who knows about English very well and can find any grammatically mistakes and to fix English problems.

Some common mistakes in Essay Writing

Spelling: Spelling is the main issue in Essay Writing. Some person write an excellent essay but they forget to correct spellings use in essay. Person can easily find error in essay if they write in computer. Spell check is one of the most popular inventions ever. It helps to check grammatically error or spellings mistakes error. But sometimes it can’t help you because different words have different meanings so computer just confuses to give the correct answer because of its logical sense.

Not proper use of persons: This is a very common mistake in writing an essay. Some person confuse to use of first, second and third person in an essay. First person refers to the writer who writes an essay. And third person is use for the people who are not in our conversation. The second person is not generally required for high school and colleges or other academic papers.

Always do proof reading: Some persons not do proof reading after writing an essay. But it should be done by the people because when you read your essay you will get an error every time either grammatically error or spelling mistakes error.

How To Prepare English for Competitive Exams

Did the essay catch your attention: When you write an essay just check it first will it catch others attention if yes then there is no problem if no then you have to write logical and attentive essay which attract other to read.

Essay writing should be related to the essay: There is big problem for the people who write an essay. Some people write for the particular topic but they cross the line in between the essay. They not write for that particular topic. So when you writing an essay you just check it once that you are writing well or not.

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