How to write a resume for MS Applications Abroad

Students planning to study abroad often start with preparing the much famous – statement of purpose. Worried about the essays and how important the document is, they often put very little to no emphasis on their academic resumes. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can do. While SOP does allow to present your candidature in the most impressive light, a resume is a document that lists down all your achievements in the most concise and effective manner. And if you are planning to go for MS programs, there are just so many things you must keep in mind. Here’s a look at some of them.

An Outline is a Must

Here, you may broadly list all the professional, academic and extra-curricular activities you may have undertaken till now. Include every possible activity you can think of. After you have an exhaustive list, strike out the activities, which you feel hold no relevance to your academic/research profile. Now you have a broad outline of your candidature, which you need to bring in a presentable format.

Never Leave Out Your Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities provide to the Admission Committee a different perspective of your candidature and also establish your well-rounded personality in the eyes of the Committee. Thus, the applicant must include their extracurricular activities, community service, academic achievements and participation/excellence in sports. Excellence in sports indicates strong team spirit and leadership skills, which an applicant must showcase. Going through Importance of Extra-Curricular and Honorary Work in Resume may be useful here.

Present Your Career Progression Effectively

Your professional history has to be mentioned and explained in a detailed manner. The role essayed by you in the organizations you have worked with go a long way in establishing a logical link between your career progression and your desire to pursue this particular course from an international university. This will also convey to the Admission Committee how you intend to utilize the knowledge and degree earned through this program as a logical extension to your career.

You must include the technical skills you have gained during your high school/college. You may focus on the computer and Internet skills, general & specialized software & hardware skills, etc. This will add much value to your resume.

Make a Special Mention of Your Achievements/Accolades

If you have ever been entrusted with a position of responsibility like Head Girl/Boy of high school/college, member/leader of any club in high school/college, House Captain, and Captain of any Sports/Cultural Team or represented the school in MUN, you MUST include it in the resume. If you have received an award/accolade/recognition/acknowledgement for your contribution from your teachers, guides, coaches, professors HOD, or principal, particularly in high school/college, make a special note of it.

Give Adequate Importance to Academic Projects, Internships, Seminars, Workshops, etc. in the CV

An MS aspirant must focus on the research oriented activities they have undertaken in their academic career. They must mention their individual role/learning from the project, internship, seminar or workshop undertaken by them during their under graduation.

Brevity is the key to success

You do not need to provide too much information in the resume and overcrowd it. The thumb rule is to limit the CV to two pages, and that too, if you have significant amount of academic and work experience to showcase. Otherwise, a one-page resume will also do. Use bullet format for the document which will provide brevity and thus clarity to the CV.

Certifications, Honor, Publications, etc. are Equally Vital

An MS Aspirant must not miss to mention their certifications, honors, publication, etc. as these play an instrumental role in establishing the applicant’s research interest and capability, qualities highly desirable for an MS aspirant.

Fianally, when you ensure all, remember to proof-read your resume. If you can have someone else do it for you – even better. This will help you identify lack of clarity, spelling or grammatical mistakes, etc. in a much easier and effective manner. Finally, read How to Prepare Impressive Resume for in order to gain a crystal clear approach towards developing your resume.

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