List of Major Cities in Poland

Recovering from its socialist past, Poland has turned out to be a major division of the European Union. The infrastructure of the country is getting improved and despite of the greyness of the portrait in the head arising from cold-war epoch records there is a profusion of multicoloured places there. Here are 5 best cities of Poland that should not to be missed at all:


Cracow is undoubtedly one of the most visited and famed Polish cities. The place is called by several cultural capital of Poland – this particular city is legendry not only for its great theatres, bohemian atmosphere, museums and galleries, but also because for its eccentric blend of history, modernity and tradition. Cracow is also known for its pubs, restaurants and fantastic cafes where one can spend quality time with kith and kin. No matter what one`s reason for coming Cracow is, one thing is for sure that will not get bored!


Warsaw was discovered in the late 13th century. The Old Town Market Place of Warsaw was destroyed in World War II but was reconstructed carefully immediately after the battle ended. The market features a magnificent bronze sculpture of Warsaw mermaid which symbolizes the capital of the country.


Poznan is considered as a stop in the midst of Warsaw and Berlin. It is regarded as a great place for doing business. Those who have interest in cultural history will love to admire wonderful monuments of museums and history with incomparable exhibitions.


Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The place is regarded as one of the most beautiful, greenest and oldest cities of Poland. No matter what the truth is one can be sure that after visiting Wroclaw, one won’t be able to overcome with the nostalgic experience given by the city. Some of the visitors and tourists who visit Wroclaw term it WrocLove because of their special love stories and strong feelings towards the city. This particular place in Poland is also incomparable because of its wide range of cultural and nightlife activities. For the ones who prefer to be active and go for walks, there are ample of parks, green areas with lakes and parks where one can relish all kinds of sports. Thus it would be better if you prepare yourself for a great amount of partying, walking and coffee drinking, instead of simply sitting at one place, staying at home and taking long naps.


The joyful maritime city is admired as both holiday and tourist destination. Gdansk is located by the sea and has a soothing climate with beautiful beaches. One of the most famous seaside resort Sopot is also located nearby Gdansk. The splendid architecture of the Old Town is certainly worth exploring. The current image of Gdansk is created because of its complex history. The place witnessed the dawn of Solidarity movement that brought an end of socialism in the society.

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