Study in Czech Republic Without IELTS at Low Cost.

Study in Czech Republic

If you’re trying to find the Czech Republic on a map, hopefully, you have an updated version. Because you don’t want to be one of those embarrassing tourists who go to the Czech Republic and say, “do they speak Russian here?”, or “is this Czechoslovakia?”. Neither of these questions will get you very far.

But the Czech Republic is actually a place with unique, interesting history, full of cultural wonders and traditions. Students everywhere come to the Czech , visiting the birthplace of Franz Kafka, and all of that wonderful Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

It’s also a wonderful place to pursue your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. If you’re looking for a brand new country to explore, seated right in the center of Europe, look no further than the Czech  for great universities and some exciting places to visit in the Czech .

These days, over 37,000 foreign students are studying in the Czech Republic and as their universities continue to offer a ton of English-taught courses, more and more students are finding interesting options there. But if you decide to go there, you’ll find a large, exciting community of international students just like you.

Why Study in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of high quality education and research, particularly in the fields of science, engineering and medicine. International students will find a welcoming environment; currently more than 37,000 foreign students are studying at Czech Republic schools.

as a matter of fact, many programs are now offered in English and other languages besides Czech Republic. In addition, Mater of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are growing in popularity; most MBA programs use a case-study approach.

The Education System

The country has a long history of offering quality higher education. Over 600 years ago, the first University was established in Prague.In addition to, The system of higher education in the Czech Republic has been adapted according to the Bologna Process with the introduction of a credit system compatible with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). This system makes a degree from the Czech Republic internationally competitive and comparable.

Add information, Institutions of higher education are divided into state, public and private institutions. The difference between non-university and university type institutions is that non-university institutions mainly offer bachelor degrees.

Higher education  is offered at three different levels:
– bachelor study programmes (usually 3 years)
– master study programmes (usually 5 years)
– doctoral study programmes (usually 3 years)

Moreover, The bachelor and master study programmes are available for applicants who have passed their secondary education and the doctoral study programmes are open to graduates of the master study programmes.


Tuition fees for universities in the Czech Republic

Universities in the Czech Republic are separated between public and private institutions. Typically, the private universities are more expensive, because they’re free to set their own tuition costs. The public universities are cheaper; however, the cost to can vary depending on the language of instruction. If you decide to enrol in an English language programme, your fees are likely to be much higher. But if you are willing and able to study in Czech, tuition is free.

  • Private universities: 1,600 – 12,500 EUR per year
  • Public universities (for English language): 3800 EUR per year

Living costs in the Czech Republic

Compared to the rest of Europe, Czech Republic is relatively inexpensive. But, living costs can also be different depending on where you go. For example, going to a city like Prague is likely to be more expensive than some of the smaller, lesser-known cities.

Here is a breakdown of living costs in the Czech Republic:

  • Rent (for a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre: 850 EUR per month)
  • Monthly transportation pass (metro, bus, train, etc.): 20 EUR
  • Three-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant: 22 EUR
  • Milk: 0,7 EUR
  • Bread: 0,82 EUR
  • Cappuccino: 1,7 EUR

About the Czech Republic

An international student choose the Czech Republic because of the country itself, but also because there are a lot of study programs in English on offer, and the cost of living is lower than in many other European countries.

In addition to,being located in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic is also an ideal starting point for travelling all over Europe. Travelling inside the country itself, students can experience everything from a countryside which offers a pleasant combination of mountains, water, meadows and forests to the pulsating city life of Prague and Brno.

Moreover, make sure to visit a traditional Czech spa. The spas are located around the country thanks to the high quality of the famous natural therapeutic springs. The largest and most famous of the Bohemian spas is Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).

The Country has a lot of beautiful national parks where Krkonoše, Podyjí and Šumava are the most famous ones. These parks are perfect for hiking trips and walks through the unique forest and mountain landscapes. The Czech Republic is also the perfect destination if you like water sports. Water dams, artificial water reservoirs and lakes) offer excellent conditions for various water sports, as well as fishing. During the winter, the Czech mountain landscapes are perfect for skiing and other winter sports.


The overall climate is moderate and all four seasons occur in the Czech Republic. Average temperatures run from a low of -4 degrees C in January to a high of 24 degrees C in July. In addition to,  Locations near the border mountain ranges are much colder.


University in this country

Charles University
Masaryk University
Czech technical university in Prague
Brno University of Technology
Technical University of Ostrava – V?B-TUO
University of South Bohemia
University of West Bohemia


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