Top 5 Destinations for Overseas Education

Overseas education has become very popular with young students now, and it’s easy to see why! World renowned education standards combined with the chance to broaden your experiences and exposure, make new friends and learn a new language…all these advantages make studying abroad an exciting option for students everywhere.

Which are the preferred education destinations for 2017? Read on to know more about the best places to study abroad!


The USA continues to be the finest education provider in the world − and with an impressive 7 of the top 10 universities located here, it’s easy to see why! Funding and scholarships are available for international students, and postgraduate students can also apply for Research assistant ships or Teaching assistant ships to take the edge off their tuition fees. US Universities strongly emphasize leadership qualities, and offer broader global knowledge that in stil in students a passion for learning; all qualities that hold them in good stead for future career success.


Students who love a quality education in a beautiful country that emphasizes the great outdoors, and who like to work in a relatively stress-free environment pick Australia as their study destination of choice. At present, after the UK and USA, Australia is ranked the third most popular destination for students. The country has a strong international standing as an educational hub of repute. Eight of the top 100 universities (Times Higher Education World rankings) are located here, with courses ranging from areas such as design, creative arts, engineering, health, technology education and medical sciences to name just a few.


Much of the higher education in Germany is publicly funded, even for international students…and with Germans being passionate about anything that they do, you can be sure that the standards of education here are very high. Berlin and Munich are also considered to be among the more affordable study destinations for international students, with costs of living being very affordable. While most programs are taught in English, the locals will converse mostly in German and a good grip over the language is important.


More students than ever before are seeking to study in England, because of its reputation for high-quality education, a wide range of study options and terrific student support. An education here can open up a world of opportunities, and is a life-changing experience that offers great value for money. Thousands of excellent courses lead to degrees that are respected the world over.


Famed for its natural beauty, Canada is also growing to be a very popular study experience for students. Qualifications are globally recognized and tuition is less expensive than in the UK. Four Canadian Universities feature in the top 100 World University Rankings of Times Higher Education World. English and French are the two official languages, and there is a wealth of different study options available with over 15,000 study programs in a wide range of subjects. The Canadian community is multicultural and welcomes international students with warmth.

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2 Replies to “Top 5 Destinations for Overseas Education
  1. “While most programs are taught in English” … ummm no? Far and away most courses in Germany, both Bachelor’s and Master’s are in German. However, most internationally-targeted ones, especially business-related programs are in English of course. Also, Munich is much more expensive compared to Berlin, Hamburg, Heidelberg, and most other student cities in Germany – it’s one of the most expensive cities to live in within Germany.

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