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Austria is a unique combination of culture, tradition and openness to innovation and creativity, which is noticed every year by dozens of students from all over the world. If you are interested in applying to one of the Austrian universities, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the most important information about studying in this country.

Study in austria

Three Stage System

Studying in Austria can be started at one of 16 differentiated universities, six arts colleges, several private colleges and dozens of colleges and vocational schools (Fachhochschulen). In addition, Austrian universities offer two types of studies, the first of which is the ordinary studies called the Student, and the so-called. Universitätslehrgänge, or university courses.
The Austrian education system, like the rest of the European Union, was reformed as a result of the Bologna process. Therefore, as in the rest of Europe, it is based on a three-tiered structure of studies. Both a citizen of Austria and any foreigner have the right to start studying at any degree if they meet the requirements of the chosen university. It is also worth noting that in most Austrian schools the language of instruction is German, which will be verified during the application process. If you have not mastered the language yet, the schools here are also in English.
First degree studies last 3 or 4 years, depending on the chosen direction. You can start your studies at this level with a maturity certificate that meets your criteria. For completion of the first degree, a Bachelor of Arts BA or a Bachelor of Science BSc degree is required. In addition, during the course of study, the student must obtain the required number of ECTS credits, which has at least 180 ECTS credits at undergraduate level.
Second cycle studies last from one to two years, depending on the chosen direction. To start studying at this level, you must have a first-cycle degree. Graduates of the second degree are eligible to receive a Master’s degree, a Master’s degree in Engineering (Diplom Ingenieur / Diplom Ingenieurin (for Engineers), or a Master’s Degree in MA). In addition, during the course of study, the student must obtain the required number of ECTS credits, which in the case of master’s studies amounts to at least 90 ECTS credits.
Graduated Master’s Degree courses from 4.5 to 6 years old and are an integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program, of which the Master’s degree or equivalent degree is the completion of the study and the qualification corresponding to the Master’s degree. To obtain a Master’s degree completion certificate, you must obtain at least 300 ECTS credits in a five-year study system and 360 ECTS credits in a six-year program. The program of integrated studies is most often taught in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, psychology, conservation and restaurant art.
The third level studies last from 3 to 4 years, depending on the chosen field of study. Graduating from a doctorate or doctorate degree (Doctor / Doctorate … Doctor of Philosophy PhD) is a graduate of the third degree. To start a doctoral degree, you must have a master’s degree or equivalent.

The recruitment process

Many Austrian schools have introduced the possibility of applying via the online recruitment portal, but count on the fact that many universities still ask their applicants to provide documents in person or by mail. The recruitment process at Austrian universities is not uniform. Each university has the right to set internal criteria for accepting candidates. Therefore, depending on the choice of school, the candidate may be asked to prepare different documents. However, the candidate’s evaluation process is usually conducted on the basis of the candidate’s maturity certificate. If your high school diploma / first / second degree is in a language not recognized by the Austrian university, You will have to translate the document into German and be certified by the Austrian representation in your country (consulate or embassy). In addition, you will be asked to fill in the appropriate forms and provide a copy of your ID and a certificate of German proficiency. The process of submitting applications for the winter term usually runs until the beginning of September, while for the summer semester to early February.

Language knowledge

As we mentioned before, most of the time you will not be without German. If you hold a certificate confirming your studies at an Austrian or foreign German teaching school, you should not worry about additional certifications. A minimum of 4 years of study is required to start a study. However, if you do not have a certificate, you must pass a certificate confirming your knowledge of the language. The most popular certificate is Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) issued at the selected level. You can also take advantage of the intensive course offered by the University Preparation Program. In the case of courses conducted in English,


Studies in Austria are free of charge at public universities.

Residence permit and health care
If you are going to Austria for a different purpose than a tourist destination, you must go to your local Registration Office within three days of arrival and submit your registration.
If you are planning to stay longer than three months, you must apply for a residence permit. To complete all formalities, you need a ID card or passport, a valid health insurance certificate, a letter of admission or a valid student ID, and a proof of sufficient funds. You can also be asked for a birth certificate and a certificate of accommodation (lease agreement).


In spite of the wide range of student discounts, you may want to consider a few more expenses such as accommodation and meals. If you intend to live in a dorm, please use The price for a room in the dorm is about 500 euros plus a deposit of about 1000 euros. In the case of rental housing, you may be asked to pay rent up to 3 months in advance.
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