Importance of TOEFL

So you are dreaming to study in an English-speaking country and you are quite passionate about making dreams come true? Among all the courses and universities, an important factor you should consider is English language test that enhances your chances of getting admission in your desired institution. Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL is believed to be most reliable and acceptable for admission.

If you have an eye for overseas education, know the importance of TOEFL through this blog.

●   As it is considered by more than 8,500 universities and in over 130 countries, so TOEFL score enables you to apply to any of the top universities of the world.

●   This test helps to evaluate English proficiency accurately and so many admission officers accept TOEFL score for enrollment of the student.

●   The test centers are nearly 4500 and are spread in 165 countries which makes it easy accessible. Plus, the test can be completed in one day and it is held 30 to 40 times a year. Thus, you get several chances for taking the test.

●   TOEFL has completely standardized structure. It is divided in four steps: reading, writing, speaking and listening. So that achieved scores show that you have all the skills a student needs for a classroom environment and to live in an English speaking country.

●   Moreover, official material is easy available for preparation. It helps in having beforehand knowledge about the test and increases confidence for the exam.

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