Life of Student in Poland

It is seen that the student life in Poland is much different when we compare it with ours. Their education system, the life after graduating from the school is all different. A student life in poland is like they start their schooling at the age of six and at the age of seven they reach to class 1. Before six, they are taught at home or can say, home schooling. Still they are much more qualified and talented then the students of the rest of the countries. Students from all over Europe reach to Poland so as to get better education from the prestigious and old universities situated in Poland. Most of the courses are taught in English, French, German and Polish. Even most of the people communicate in English making easy the living and studying of the students there.

The universities in Poland are best for higher studies as they grant better skills through their qualified teaching staff. Poland has a mixture of German, Czech, Austrian, Jewish and other cultures and also has highly efficient film and food festivals. They even organise a festival for students called the Juwenalia in which they give three days off from school and parades are organised.

Student life in Poland is not that easy. They are provided with good and highly efficient services but for that they really need to work hard. They often have to follow full timetables that requires time and hard work. The education system of Poland creates a great environment for those students who are eager to learn and discover. It provides a rich environment for those who love to debate. They teach the students to fearlessly speak about politics and religion. Through their debates they bring out the things infront of the public that are sometimes negative for the politicians but still they accept this challenge.

Student life in Poland is full of enjoyment too. Students, outside the university, have a totally different lifestyle. Lifestyle of students in Poland, along with hardships, is quite social too. The nightlife there is full of fun. This is so because the country is safe with a low crime rate. It is a much famous place for those who prefer an active lifestyle.

The place is attractive having student bars and pubs that are widespread in this city. Then too, Poland is one of the cheapest countries in the world, making it an important attraction for the students.

The city is open to the students belonging to any religion, culture or background. Poland also has a rich and interesting history making it an attracting place for the students who love studying about different religions and cultures. Lifestyle of student gets better here as after grabbing better qualification they get better jobs with good status. They grow as a new individual with a new identity that is far better from the earlier one. In an overall aspect, student life in Poland is much interesting, full of skills, knowledge and enjoyment.

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