Study in US, Amazing opportunity to build your career.

Persons who want to study abroad need to apply for US student visa. United States has many opportunities for every individual who wish to study. USA is the country having great choice and diversity.

Why students prefer to study in USA?

United States of America has been establishes and high qualify tertiary education system. This country has many top universities.

Diversity of geography, institutions and culture:

Large number of institutions present in US. This country has snowy plains, Grand Canyon, tropical islands and deserts. In this country there is something for everyone to learn.

USA student visa from India:

United States of America student visa from India can be applied and essential for USA Student Visa. Therefore students are required to accept and approved the college or institution. Once the college or institution accepts the students have to submit necessary documents which needed to be submitted at the time student visa.

Students have to present proof of funds. Therefore these funds include all tuition fees and living expenses in the United States.

Student visa guidance in USA:

  • Students should be prepared to provide information quickly. If the applicants are not able to answer the questions in English.
  • The applicants who apply for study in United Sates should know speaking English is not requirement for student visa.

Eligible criteria for USA student visa:

  • Sufficient funds
  • Must attend language training program
  • Student must enroll in full time course
  • Should be approved by USICE to accept international students
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