Things not to Miss while Studying in Australia

You must be wondering what kind of things are we talking about! Is it even moral to think about doing anything else while you are studying overseas?

Well, in that case let us quote here one of the famous lines by Randy Pausch, “Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun ” and as soon as we laid our eyes on this lovely quote, we  knew what our next post is going to be!

So let us begin with the itinerary and understand how your time doing higher studies in Australia can prove to be one of your most cherished memories for life.

Australia- Is it really fun here?

The right question is not if Australia can be fun, what matters most is that you as a student aspiring for higher education away from the comforts of your home country understand the need to have some fun. We all can have some ups and downs or a period in life where you seem to have stuck badly and hoping to get that one solution as one dear escape. This is the part where the theory of “having fun” emerges out. Fun, if we want to define, would be an attempt by us to break away from our routine and monotonous environment to seek a moment by ourselves.

This moment is where you are actually away from the stress and the mental block and give your mind freedom to relax and reboot itself. In the process, you might actually get a flash of inspiration or a better insight and a new perspective to look at things.This is why having fun holds so much importance in our lives and especially for the students away from home, it is a must!
Concluding from this discussion, Australia just happens to be another country where you are at for your higher studies; thus having fun in Australia follows knowing where to have fun in Australia?

Recreation in Australia

Talk, Connect and Socialize. Make these three words your mantra to imbibe while you are staying in Australia. Though each of us has our personal criteria and sense of having fun, but having to meet new people and knowing their culture and lifestyle is akin to gateway into an amusement park. Not only will you learn a lot from socializing but also get to know about newer places and recreational spots to give a visit to. Everyone has got an explorer lying dormant within and bringing it out is the best recreational activity you will ever do as a student!
So much on the socializing end, let us now shift our focus towards knowing some of the basic activities of recreation that you can do at your day’s end regardless of where you live in Australia.

Let us now look at one of the world’s best student cities that thrive in Australia:


Held as world’s most liveable city giving constant rivalry to the famous cities of Boston, Paris and London, Melbourne and its universities are more than just academics and studies. It is the cultural hotspot of the country offering everything you will be needing as a student there. With one-third of its student population from overseas, Melbourne is overflowing with the high spirited air in its nightlife and mesmerizing beaches within close vicinity

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The topper on the list of to-do things in Melbourne is its famous beachside playground well known by the name of St. Kilda. The curious history after the naming of this tourism attraction is in itself an adventure and was named after a schooner called Lady of St.Kilda. A perfect eye candy for students to relax themselves gazing the clear enormous skies, Palm tree lined boardwalks, beautiful sunsets and not to forget the marvelous food and beverage well inside your pocket! This place is close to the city centre and is approachable by a short ride on a tram; perfect for your night outs mate!

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Following St. Kilda comes The Grampians. A mesmerizing beauty of nature and one of Australia’s national heritage, the Grampians is a national park situated about 260 kilometer west of Melbourne. Perfect for a hiking trail, this place is an ideal day out for students seeking adventure as it will rekindle your love for nature with its exotic wildlife reserves, zoos, gardens and much more awaiting you to explore…

Board a public transport operated on V/line (Govt. operated corporation operating passenger trains and coaches) or drive away for 3- 4 hours with your friends as The Grampians is well connected and equipped with highways.

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And now all you penguin lovers. Won’t that be a treat to watch these little guys walk a parade to the hills at twilight? Well we give you the Phillip Island- a small retreat 140 kilometers south of Melbourne approachable by a V/line public coach.

The list doesn’t end here as there is still a lot to do in Melbourne but for now we shall take a road towards Sydney and see what has it got to catch our eye?


The gateway to Asia and regarded as the Global city of Australia, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Being the most populated city rich in natural lustre and culture, Sydney is famous for its beach coasts like Bondi, Bronte, Coogee and Palm beach.
Excited already?
Let us see what you can do while studying in Sydney or even Melbourne as you can travel between both via flight in just under two hours. You can even travel between the two cities using a bus that will take an overnight journey but trust us, worthwhile every penny!

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Say hello to the 2900 exotic species of wildlife ranging from gorillas, giraffes to koalas at none other than the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Students cherish memories of their overnight camping at this place with great fondness.

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Yes the next in line for you is the legendary Sydney’s Opera house!
Needless to say quench your thirst and craving for the sweetness of art, cultural events and the live performances. Perfect for your extra curricular recreation!

The five top places for your recreation in Sydney are summarized here:

❖ The Royal Botanic Garden.

❖  Night camping at Cockatoo island.

❖  Walking, climbing and mountain biking at The Blue Mountains National Park.


While this is just about the two best cities of Australia, there is plenty that just these two can offer you combined!
Australia or the Terra Australis of the yesteryears is a magnificent study abroad destination for students aspiring to pursue overseas education.

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