Reasons to Study in Poland.

With the completion of your schooling and beginning of summer vacations, there are many things you might be thinking of doing like holidays, jobs, heat, trips and somewhere in all these things you might be thinking of a fact that this is the time to decide what to do with your future studies that you will be going to take further. Deciding a university, place, and country to study and live in there during your study period is really a challenging work to do. It is not that much easy to choose a university abroad outside the country and take admission in as there are plethora of universities available in every country you will be throwing your dart of selection. Choosing between countries like New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, London or Italy have you ever thought about studying and taking your further studies in Europe? If the answer to this though it’s a Yes, then you must take a little time to study below some of the Reasons to Study in Poland. […]


Guidelines to International Scholarship for Indian Students

When you are considering higher studies abroad, financing your education may be one of the first concerns that come to your mind.  The cost of an education at a top institute abroad can be a deterrent for students.  However, with proper planning and information, hopefully no aspirant will face this predicament and have to compromise on their plans to study aboard. There are multiple types of scholarships available for international students based on different eligibility criteria. They can also be sponsored by a broad range of institutions from universities, government and private organisations. Here’s a few tips to guide you about scholarships for study abroad: […]


IELTS Preparation tips which can help you…

What are the key components of IELTS exam preparation? How should you prepare separate sections of IELTS to boost your overall score in the exam? How can you crack IELTS exam to enter different countries for your studies and work? Accepted over 140 countries worldwide, IELTS is one of the most popular English proficiency tests to study abroad. Divided into two versions- Academic and General, the test is a basic yardstick for admission to many universities globally. So, the big question is what does it take to crack IELTS? Before we bring you IELTS preparation tips, let us have a look at the exam pattern: […]


Ireland – Applying for a Student Visa

Student Visa Application…

You must make your visa application on-line using the AVATS on-line facility , the online visa application facility is available worldwide and must be used by all applicants.

Your application will only be processed when the on-line form is completed AND the required documentation, passport photograph and appropriate fee are received by the relevant office as indicated by the on-line system. […]