Tips To Save And Earn Money While Studying Abroad

save money

Moving to abroad for study can be a bit expensive for students but if proper measures are taken then one can surely overcome this problem. While they can earn money while studying abroad but some methods applicants should know to bear their expenses without any difficulty.
Here are some tips to save money while studying abroad:

1) Scholarships:

scholarship Tips Tuition fee for courses which students choose consumes major chunk of money from their finances. However, obtaining a scholarship to study abroad limits the fee to such extent that the cost of education become less. Most of the Colleges and Universities across the world provide scholarships to international students so it’s better to apply for one to save some bucks.

2) House sharing:

save money Living costs are the one which you have to pay on regular basis and is necessary. Students can save their money by sharing the room with others. As a result, more money is saved as cost of living decrease due to distribution of rent. Moreover, you can split costs of your daily bread and butter. It’s better to cook food at home instead of going out to restaurants which are bit costly.

3) Part time jobs:

parttime jobs Most of the countries allow international students to work for limited amount of time per week. Students can earn money while studying abroad and can manage some of their daily expenses. Getting a part time job can seriously help you to increase your budget and manage your expenditure.

4) Transportation:

transportation It’s better to use public transport during study abroad as it is cheap and reliable. In every country, transport is one of the major resource which connects cities. Try to travel in a public bus instead of booking a private taxi or cab as it saves ample amount of your money.



5) Open a bank account:

bank account This is one of the few things you should do to when you study abroad. It is preferable to open a bank account when you earn money while studying abroad. It will save you from tussles of drawing out money from your home account. Some of the banks offer decent interest rate for students who want to open a bank account so they can keep their saving in those banks.

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Business Schools in UK

business schools in uk

British higher education and qualifications have an impressive International reputation. A degree in a business related subject strikes a balance between theoretical and practical work. Universities use real-life examples so students can apply their learning. Students are seldom in doubt as to whether what they’re learning will have real-life applications. Students can tailor their degree according to their career aspirations. Studying in the UK will help you develop excellent language skills

Top 5 Universities in the UK

  1. Warwick Business School (WBS)Warwick Business School (WBS) is an academic department of the University of Warwick, originally established in 1967 as the School of Industrial and Business Studies. It is one of the most prestigious and highly selective business schools in the world. The Business School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degree programs, as well as non-degree executive education for individuals and companies. Its MBA program, known as the Warwick MBA, is offered as a one-year Full-Time program. WBS University of Warwick campus is sited on the border of the city of Coventry and the county of Warwickshire in a semi-rural green belt location.
  2. Alliance Business School – University of ManchesterAlliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS) is the business school of the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. According to the Financial Times 2011 Global MBA Rankings, its MBA programme is ranked 29th in the world and its Post Graduate and Doctoral program (PhD and DBA) is ranked 1st in the world. MBS “Marketing” has been ranked 9th in the world and its “International Business” has been ranked 10th in the world as per the Financial Times 2012 ranking.
  3. Cranfield School of Management – Cranfield UniversityCranfield School of Management, established in 1967, is one of the oldest and most reputable business schools in the UK. It is part of Cranfield University, the UK’s only wholly postgraduate university specializing in science, technology, engineering and management. The school is constantly ranked among the top 20 European business schools by the Financial Times and is triple accredited by the AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB.
  4. University of EdinburghThe University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582, is the sixth oldest university in the English speaking world and one of Scotland’s ancient universities. The university is deeply embedded in the fabric of the city of Edinburgh, with many of the buildings in the historic Old town belonging to the university. The University of Edinburgh was ranked 17th and 21st in the world by the 2014–15 and 2015-16 QS rankings. It is now ranked 19th in the world according to 2016-17 QS Rankings. Edinburgh receives approximately 50,000 applications every year, making it the fourth most popular university in the UK by volume of applicants.
  5. Durham UniversityDurham University Business School is the business school of Durham University and is located in Durham, England. Established in 1965, it holds triple accreditation. It is currently ranked between 4th and 66th in the world for its MBA and MSc programmes by the Financial Times. Durham University Business School has more than 200 research students. The Business School has extensive links with companies, organisations and academic institutions.

Major Intake for UK is SEPTEMBER. Some universities also have a January intake.

Entrance Exams
– English Language Test, IELTS :- 6.5 Band Overall
– GMAT (Optional for MBA Courses)

Time Duration of Course
All the masters’ courses in the UK are 1 year. Some of the universities provide an Internship option of 3 months. The course length then goes up to 15 months. Undergraduate is 3 years. A sandwich course will be for 4 years with one year full time work placement option.

Popular Courses
– International Business
– Management
– Entrepreneurship
– Marketing
– Accounting and Finance

Fees Structure
Average Tuition Fees in the UK is £13000 to £20000;
Tuition fees for MBA can be in between £25000 to £35000

Scholarships Offered
Scholarships are available from 10% to 50% of Tuition fees depending upon the course you apply for. Some of the common scholarships are as follows:

– Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships, the UK government’s global scholarship programme, are awarded to outstanding scholars from Chevening-eligible countries around the world. Awards are typically for a one-year Master’s degree. Most Chevening Scholarships cover tuition fees, a living allowance at a set rate (for one individual), an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants to cover essential expenditure

– Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarships are intended for students from developing Commonwealth countries who wants to pursue Master’s and PhD study in the UK. These scholarships are funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

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New Zealand Student Visa – Benefits & Requirements

New Zealand is the best destination for career opportunities and employment. This is developed country and has many colleges and universities that offer many courses, work and financial support.

Candidates who are interested to study in New Zealand must apply for New Zealand Student Visa. This country is the one of the best place to work and live. Every year thousands of applicants migrate to this country and gain many benefits offered by universities.

New Zealand student visa requirements:

  • If student is under 18 years then applicant able to show the evidence of prior accommodation in the country.
  • Sufficient funds to support themselves in the country
  • Proof of air ticket to native nation
  • Must not have any criminal record
  • Proof of medical tests
  • Letter of evidence from the educational institution of New Zealand
  • This country is rich in terms of diverse education economy and work opportunities, frame work. To study in New
  • Zealand applicant must fill the application form to study in New Zealand. There are many Indian students in New Zealand that offers many benefits to foreign students for studying in country.

Benefits of studying in New Zealand:

  • Applicant can extend visa by converting it to work permit if they possess a full time job offer
  • Candidate can travel across the country without any rules
  • Can improve speaking skills
  • Can receive recognized international qualification
  • Can get friendly environment
  • Applicants come across diverse mix of people and culture.
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Parents Prefer US, UK & Australia For Their Children To Study

Study abroad

‘The Value of Education: Foundations for the future’ report reveals that 48% of the participating parents in the survey named the United States as their preference. United Kingdom and Australia were listed second and third preferred destinations.

Though imparting education at United States is expensive and costs an average of USD 33,215 annually (tuition fees only), parents prefer the US over other countries. 12% parents from China, 12 % from UAE and 10% from India voted for US in the survey.

When asked about why parents considered the US over other countries for international education – 59% of the parents considered the quality as deciding factor whereas for 29% students from US have better job prospects.

Allan Goodman, President and CEO of the Institute of International Education, commenting on the results said, “Students and parents consider a university education in the USA as a good investment because they have access to the largest choice of excellent colleges and universities and to the English-language skills that are so critical in today’s job market.”

He added that “the U.S. is home to the largest group of higher education students from around the world, welcoming some one million students in the 2014/15 academic year, who contributed about US$30.8 billion to the country’s economy over the same period from tuition and living expenses.”

“Today, there are 4.5 million students enrolled in universities outside of their home countries, and it is estimated that the global population of international students could double in the near future, achieving approximately 8 million by 2025,”

“Better job prospects, exposure to new cultures, international experience and language skills are some of the most important benefits of study abroad. Ultimately, international students can get the assurances that attending a higher education institution abroad is an investment in the future.”

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5 things to keep in mind while choosing Overseas Education

overseas education

When it comes to thinking about self investment, there can be no better thing than Overseas Education. This is because; studying in a country different than yours gives you an exposure to a different level of knowledge, guidance and expertise. However, choosing a right program and university/college/institute is the very important step. For the same, getting help from the Overseas Education Consultants is the best available option.
Let us first understand the things to consider when choosing Overseas Education

The Five Things to Consider

It is on the other hand, the students also consider:

Know if the past education qualifications and experiences are transferable.
There are certain subjects that require proper knowledge in a foreign language, hence, ask your overseas education consultant to be clear with the course contents. Also, remember that foreign languages are necessary to advance in this competitive world.
Look for the scholarship possibilities so as to score infinite opportunities for a secured future.
Once decided for the college/university/institute to study in, spend a good amount of time to gather essential information, for example, the library, IT services, etc.
Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Overseas Education Consultants

  • Judge the Transparency – Remember, a trustworthy Overseas Education Consultancy firm will keep its dealing fair by providing the desired information, fee structure, credibility of the institute/college/university, and refund policies, etc.
  • Look for Excellence – Opt for the Overseas Education Consultants that have a healthy and excellent track record
  • Public Speaks the Best – Refer to the client testimony, reviews or recommendations, which are easily available on the internet.
  • Keep a Check on the Credibility – It is without a doubt that there are ‘n’ number of consultants that deal in Overseas Education, hence, it is essential to know the credibility of the consultancy you opt for.
  • Do they provide Variety? – Consultancies are linked with a minimum number of the best colleges, institutes, and universities from around the globe, therefore, a good Overseas Education facilitator should clearly suggest the programs, budgets, aptitude and attitude that are most apt to the students
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How To Get A Scholarship To Study Abroad?

Get a scholarship- study in abroad

While it is believed that Study Abroad programmes are expensive, there are many institutions worldwide that provide scholarships to international students. There are some students that rely on financial support to pay for their overseas education; there are several types of scholarships available to students each year. Exploring the different options available to them increases their chances of securing a scholarship. While many universities provide scholarships to students based on their academic achievement, there are some others that will also look into extracurricular activities.

Mentioned below are tips on how you can successfully score the best study abroad grants.

Do a frequent check on University websites

Once you have decided on your University choice, you can begin by browsing through the university websites to check on the scholarships offered. This will help you gain a better insight on the eligibility criteria along with other types of funding.

Apply for several other scholarships

There are several scholarships out there that are available to students. Take the time to sit down and do a research on the colleges that you wish to apply to. Note down the various scholarships you are qualified for and apply to as many as you can. This will boost your chances of receiving a scholarship.


Mark your calendar

Another important factor you will need to consider is ensuring that you meet the respective deadlines for each of these scholarships. Applying for different scholarships for a study abroad program can be difficult to keep track of. However, marking your calendar is a great way in helping you remember the deadlines for these scholarships.

Keep your documents ready

In order to apply for scholarships, you may be required to submit documentation in the form of transcripts, financial records along with others, ensure that you keep all these documents ready much before the deadline. By being organized, you will be able to submit all your needed paperwork ahead of schedule.

Get involved in extracurricular activities

Students that participate in extracurricular activities have a huge advantage with scholarships, these activities will set you apart from the other candidates. Scholarship coordinators want to know the skills and abilities you possess, in addition to any involvement you may have in the community. Scholarships are often given to those who are considered to be the most well rounded individual.
Read your application essay topic carefully

If your application requires you to write an essay, it is important that you take the time to understand and stick to the topic when you answer. Make sure that you proof read your essay once you are done, this will help you avoid grammatical errors. Additionally, if the essay requires you to list all of your achievements, be sure to list them all including any community work you may have done or awards you may have won.

Maintain good grades

Not all scholarships require good grades, but many of them require it. It is essential that you work hard to secure good grades as a higher GPA will make you a likely candidate for these scholarships, moreover, it will also increase your chances of receiving additional funds.

Pace yourself

You may feel the need to speed up with your applications, especially if you think you are pressed for time. However, it is important that you read the instructions thoroughly and give yourself ample of time to complete them. This will help you submit better quality work; increasing your chances of financial support.


Most scholarships may require references from someone in your academic or work environment. It is essential that you choose someone you have interacted with closely to write these references.

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What are the ways to study abroad without giving GMAT and GRE?


You need to ask the institution for a GMAT/ GRE waiver. Tips on getting the GMAT waiver are as listed below:

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the major requirements for getting into a business school. Preparing well for this exam and getting through it with a decent score is quite a difficult task. In fact, it happens to be one of the most dreaded things by applicants who are considering a management course in a reputed university. Even more, there are numerous students who drop the idea of doing an MBA just because they fear GMAT.

Do you also fall in the similar category?

Well, there’s nothing to worry. It’s just about knowing things that others are not aware of and making a right move in the right direction.

What must you know?

While you may easily find a list of colleges that don’t ask for GMAT score, what you might not know already is that it is even possible to get a GMAT waiver.


It is quite a possibility if you possess decent professional work experience and know how to demonstrate the same in your application.

There are certain tactics you may deploy in order to get a GMAT waiver.

Remember, getting a GMAT waiver is not everyone’s cup of tea and demands an outstanding application.

Writing a Letter Asking for a GMAT Waiver

In order to get a GMAT waiver, the foremost step is to write a letter asking for the same. Notably, your letter is the most crucial element in deciding whether you would be getting what you’ve asked for or not.

Your letter/ application has to be framed very carefully. The intention behind writing the letter must be explicitly mentioned in an opening statement.

The primary objective behind conducting a GMAT exam is to check applicants on certain criteria. It is believed that there are certain skills that must be possessed by every management graduate.

In case you don’t want to write GMAT exam, you must frame your application with a lot of attention and care. It must highlight your competency in skills for which you would be tested in GMAT. These include analytical, logical and quantitative skills. While highlighting the areas of your expertise, ensure they are relevant to the course you’re considering to apply for.
Demonstrating Your Skills

The only way to get a GMAT waiver is by maximizing your potential.

Remember, the business school will be considering your application for an exam waiver only because they value work experience more than a numerical score. Therefore, you must not leave a stone unturned in demonstrating how much you’ve grown because of your professional stint.

*Career Coach’s Excellent Tips*

Refer to examples of GMAT waiver applications/ letters online that have been successfully accepted by the institutions.
Support all your claims made in letter and essays by providing relevant examples.
Showcase the practical application of your skills and abilities within the different professional roles that you’ve held in the past couple of years. The key idea is to portray that you are capable of influencing change because of your abilities and have already left your imprints at a number of places.
Your professional growth along with career leaps you have made must be reflected both in your resume and recommendation letters.
Highlight only the real value and significant aspects of the changes your skills/ abilities have brought about at workplaces and in your personal life.

Final words: A GMAT waiver can be granted out of your work experience, but only if this move is planned carefully and executed in a correct manner.

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Why is Australia ideal for Pursuing your PhD?

Phd in australia

With the beginning of this 21st century we were already wondering about the future of humanity and asking ourselves where are we going with all the progress? And the only answer we have is “science” and “research”. Whichever part of the world you might be living in, with whatever lifestyle and basic amenities you have access to; everything is the result of scientific research and technological innovation happening in some other corner of the world. Agreed?
This is what brought us to analyze one such bright spot- Australia!

In our discussion today, we will attempt to understand what makes Australia a land of science and Tech, how the country achieved so much, why are students looking forward to Australia as an ideal place for their PhDs and some more!

Australia- A Merger of Nation with SciTech!

Science is a subject of wide range and applicability leaving it upon the nation to make use of it to evolve. Australia like other countries has always kept the bull’s eye focus towards the national development based entirely on the principles of sustainability. The fact that Australia has been home to 15 Nobel Prize Laureates so far speaks for itself!

Keeping scientific research with ‘practical challenges to overcome’ on priority, the country has been able to transform itself as a world leader when it comes to cutting edge technological innovations and breakthroughs right from energy sector to medicine to nanotech etc.

The technologies developed in Australia like the the solar hot water, dental braces, ultrasound, bionic ear, anti-flu medications, black box flight recorder and so many more calls out to every PhD aspirant like you to pursue their degree from Australia- a nation born out of Sci- Tech in real sense!

Did you know that over 1,000,000,000 people around the globe are not only using but also depend on the technologies developed in Australia?

The country is 3rd most popular study abroad destination for good reasons. Isn’t it?

Now that we understand how Australia truly became a land of science and technology, let us walk further to know how the country was able to achieve all this!?

Transforming into a study abroad destination!

The Journey of Australia to becoming an ideal study abroad destination began with the discovery of penicillin back in 1945, acquired immunological tolerance in 1960 and then the discovery of accelerating Universe in 2011. The fact that the Australian government spends over AUD 200 million each year on international scholarships as a part of its aim to impart quality education fairly establishes that it is indeed a brilliant study abroad destination.

Since you are aspiring to pursue your PhD from Australia, Let us jump straight to understanding the brilliant prospects on PhD that this country might offer you…

Getting a PhD in Australia

The application process for a PhD degree in Australia is not only unique but quite different from other study programs as well. The road to getting your PhD degree in Australia begins with you ensuring the following points:

You have completed a 3-4 years graduation degree along with a 2 year masters course.
You have a good score in English language proficiency test.
Search and connect directly with the university or the individuals to discuss your proposed work.
Your research proposal is feasible and your initial draft reflects your commitment and dedication to see it through the end.
It should contain enough information to let university evaluate its strength and applicability to host and grant approvals.
According to a 2016 survey by Department of Education and Training, Aus., 74% of the students held Australia as their first choice for their PhD and other degree qualifications. TheSurvey also found that percentage of the students who preferred to pursue their higher education from Australian universities and institutions was 95% solely due to the reputation of qualifications, 92% due to research quality and again 94% due to the excellent education system of the country.

To stress the importance of a good research proposal that will give a smooth sail to your PhD journey in Australia; let us quote it in the words of Neil Armstrong;

“Research is creating new knowledge”

Ideal Courses and Universities for PhD…

You must already be knowing that the doctoral degrees are the highest level of degree qualification that you can pursue in the world! Australia is equipped with over 35 globally ranked universities and more than 17 listed higher educational institutions offering a variety of courses and subject areas to pursue your PhD in.

The doctoral degrees include PhDs, MDs, DPTs, etc. and can take about 3 to 6 years to complete fully. You can pursue PhD in a wide spectrum of subject areas as per your interests. You are allowed to pursue PhD after completing your Master’s’ degree.

There are about 63 programs which you can choose to pursue your PhD in Australia. Some of the brilliant areas to mention are Engineering, Art Design and Architecture, IT, Business & Economics, Medicines, Nursing & Health Sciences, Psychology, Forensic sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals among many Others…

There are many top notch universities offering programs to international students to pursue their PhDs.

Let us look at some of the top courses in PhD offered by leading universities of Australia:

Monash University:

Medicine and health, Art Design and Architecture, Information Technology, Business Management.

The University of Western Australia:

Medicine and health, Law and Social Sciences.

University of Southern Queensland:

Business Management, Education and Training and Humanities

University of Melbourne:

Medicine and health, Education and Training, Humanities and Social Sciences

Swinburne University of Technology:

Social Sciences, Art Design and Architecture, Computer Science and IT and Engineering

RMIT University:

Computer Science & IT, Engineering & Technology, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Did you know that CSIR is Australia’s biggest R&D agency involved in more than 740 research activities?

CSIR- Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization is one of the world’s largest research institutions in Australia!


Let us begin the concluding lines with this noteworthy information for our readers:

After completing your PhD, you are eligible to teach in Australian Universities!

How does that sound mate?!

By now we are very much sure that you are already looking for overseas education consultants to initiate your process. Right?
Well, Needless to say Australia indeed justifies why it is an ideal destination for pursuing your PhD.

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How to Study for the GRE Test.

GRE preparation

Your GRE scores are very important when you apply to grad schools, but to achieve the scores you want, you’ll have to work very hard. There are tons of GRE study materials available online, some of them are great, while the others aren’t. If you use low-quality prep resources it will lead you to study the wrong materials and feel unprepared on test day, which can cost you your score. High-quality study materials are the key to doing well on the GRE tests.
Not surprisingly, many students wonder, how to start studying for the GRE test? Applicants preparing for GRE want to know the best way to study for the GRE so that they can prepare for this exam in the most efficient way possible.

Take practice tests – Your baseline score is the score you would receive if you took the GRE today that is without any preparation. Before you start making your study plan, take a full-length GRE practice test under the same testing environment as the actual test. By doing so, a test taker gets a chance to see the types of questions that are on the three sections of the exam. This test helps them to know which part they need to work on. They can also work on their timing as the actual test is timed and so are the practice ones. Sometimes taking practice test can help students feel less anxious about what kind of questions they have to face on the test day.

Plan to close in the gap – By now you must have started to look into the scores needed to apply for your dream grad school. And you must know what is the score that you have to achieve to get in. Once students take the practice test, they get to know where they lack and they can start brushing up those sections. Some students may discover that they need to sharpen their geometry skills, as well as work on their vocabulary words. While the others may realize that they need to brush up on their essay-writing skills. After they know where they lack they can easily get the help on those sections from the GRE coaching classes or the GRE online coaching classes whatever they prefer.

Use different learning techniques – Focus on how you approach each question while taking those practice tests. If you are looking for best and efficient ways to study for GRE, but you are struggling with vocabulary words, you can easily fish out the most uncommon words that appear on GRE tests and make flash cards. This trick has always been useful to get through the vocabulary questions.
Reading newspaper and magazines have always been helpful for students taking GRE. There are many ways to study for GRE, but taking the practice test is the most important part as it helps you to discover your drawbacks and helps you to work on them so that you score well in your GRE. If you are not sure about preparing for the test by yourself, you can easily get help form any GRE centres as per your location preference.

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