4 Things to Know About Attending a Tuition-Free University in Europe

This may be hard to believe for students and parents who are more used to hearing about the increasingly high cost of college in the U.S. But students should be aware that the undergraduate student experience at free or very low-cost public universities in Europe, in many ways, differs from a typical U.S. undergrad experience.You just have to be prepared that it’s like real life – it’s not college life,” says Colin Cole, a U.S. student working toward a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University in Germany.




It offers courses in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, as well as a range of interdisciplinary programmes.
While most teaching is in Polish, the university offers more than 20 programmes which are taught in English, including economics, business, and political science.The heart of the university remains its historical main campus, in the centre of Warsaw, which includes buildings dating back to the 17th century. The natural sciences campus is more modern.


10 Good Reasons to Study Electrical Engineering Abroad

Electrical Engineering students find their first job fairly easily because most employers search for fresh minds with good training. They are glad to get young people they can mould to their own specific needs and turn them into experts. This is also the reason why Electrical Engineers are the most valued on the job market.Working as electrical engineer opens you lots of opportunities in other countries. Laws of math, electricity and physics are universal and your gained knowledge doesn’t limit you to only the country you studied in. 


Top 10 German Universities to study Medicine

As a highly desired destination among international students, particularly regarding Human Medicine and other related fields, Germany hosts numerous Universities that provide excellent Medical education. According to vatslya University Ranking 2016/17, depending on the qualities students are looking for in the educational domain as academic studies and teaching, research, job market, infrastructure as well as the lifestyle as in location and accommodation, it’s very difficult to differentiate and come up with a list of the top best, since the majority of the Universities do offer superb circumstances.


શું તમે વિદેશમાં ભણવા માંગો છો? તો આ રહ્યા 11 સસ્તા દેશ જ્યાં તમને ઘણું સસ્તું પડી શકે છે

વિદેશની યુનિવર્સિટીમાં અભ્યાસ કરવાનું સપનું દરેક વિદ્યાર્થીનું હોય છે, જો કે દરેક લોકો આ સપનું પૂરું કરી શકતા નથી. વિશ્વમાં ઘણા એવા દેશો છે, જ્યાં ભણતર મોંઘુ પડી શકે છે. જો કે એવા પણ દેશો છે, જ્યાં ભણતર તમને સસ્તું પડી શકે છે.

આવા દેશોમાં માત્ર અભ્યાસ જ સસ્તો નથી પડતો બલ્કે કેટલીક શરતો સાથે વિદ્યાર્થીઓના રહેવા ખાવાનો ખર્ચ પણ કાઢી શકાય તેવી સુવિધા આપવામાં આવી છે. આજે અમે તમને એવા 11 દેશો વિશે જાણકારી આપીશું, જ્યાં તમે અભ્યાસ કરવા જઈ શકો છો અને અભ્યાસના ખર્ચનો ભાર પણ તમારા ખિસ્સા પર ઓછો પડશે.[…]


Study in New Zealand

When you study in New Zealand, you’ll discover a unique country – the ultimate outdoor playground with excellent study opportunities. It’s a safe and welcoming community with a world-class reputation for cutting-edge research and creative energy.

New Zealand is an attractive destination for international students and the country’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world so it’s not surprising so many people wish to study in New Zealand. […]