Part Time Work Options in Singapore for Indian Students

Singapore boasts of some of the top universities of the world. A developed nation, it has rapidly become one of the top choice for international students. The close proximity of the country to India clubbed with easy visa processing rules has added to the many advantages of studying from Singapore. But we cannot forget that Singapore is one of the costlier countries. With the cost of living in Singapore almost at par with that of USA, some extra money is always welcome by students which can be earned by a series of part time work options. But what does the rule say about working while studying? […]


How to manage your money during Study Abroad !!!

It can be expensive to be a student. Use these pages as a guide to help reduce your financial worries at university.

We suggest:

Looking at your personal situation and draw up an annual expenditure list
Looking at what your minimum income for the year when you have your financial support in place
Balance the two, work out what your budget should be and refer to it throughout the year to keep on track. […]


10 Personal, Academic & Career Benefits of Studying Abroad

You may wonder why so many covet an education abroad. Is an international degree worth the huge investment of time, money, and effort? We talked to over a 100 Vatslya students who have graduated from reputed foreign institutions. Here are 10 personal, academic and career benefits they have gained from an international study program: […]


The interview: section two – IELTS

Task description
In this section the interviewer will move onto one or more topics of general interest. You may need to speak longer (take longer turns) than in the first section and you may need to describe or explain.

Sample questions
It is not possible to predict what topics may be discussed at this point in the interview; however, some standard topics are: […]


Masters Engineering in Poland

Masters in Engineering?

Masters in Engineering, abbreviated as M.Eng or M.Tech is someone who has a professional or an academic master’s degree in the field of engineering. Like all other master’s degree courses, this also prepares students to work in much more specified areas. The course helps students to become more developed in their respective fields, work on better subjects as well as get better exposure. […]


How your IELTS score is viewed???

Candidates receive scores on a Band Scale from 1 to 9 for each skill tested (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). They are of equal importance. These four scores are then averaged and rounded to produce an Overall Band Score. Each candidate receives a Test Report Form setting out their Overall Band Score and their scores for each test. The scores are reported in whole bands or half bands according to the nine-band score given below. […]


Work permit in Poland.

If you are studying in Poland and you have a Stay Card (Karta pobytu), you can legally work in the country and you do not have to have a work permit. 

Stay Card (Karta pobytu)

We will be happy to help you to arrange or prolong your Stay Card, if you already have it. Once you begin your studies in Poland, you gain the right to stay in the country for the maximum period of three months. EU citizens must apply for their Stay Card at the local Voiviodeship office dealing with the queries from their region (which means the town you live in Poland). If you are unsure which Voivodeship your city belongs to, please visit our city section. […]