5 reasons to study in Malta

The small, sunny island of Malta might often be overlooked for its flashier neighbours, but if you’re looking to study somewhere that is bathed in golden sun, combines natural beauty with a laid back lifestyle and an all-round pleasant atmosphere, then Malta is bound to leave you smiling. Read on to discover a few reasons why.

Small and perfectly formed

Malta is certainly not a big island – within an hour, you can comfortably cross one side of the island to the other. But being small only enhances Malta’s many pleasures – you can explore everything from its beaches to its museums in comfort, without having to trek extensively or spend a lot of time or money travelling around. With shorter distances to get around, you’ll find that you have a lot more time to do the things you enjoy!

Something for everyone

You’ll find something to suit all tastes in Malta – from adrenalin-fuelled sports and leisure activities, including surfing, paragliding and scuba diving, to more tranquil pleasures, like a visit to the country’s lovely museums and art galleries, musical concerts and live theatre. With something going on all year round, you’re bound to come across something you’ll enjoy here.

Enjoy charming Mediterranean culture

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a warm and friendly invitation to all its guests. Maltese locals and traditionally generous and kind, ensuring that visitors always experience the very best of the country. The island’s small size means there is a charmingly intimate atmosphere, and the perennial warm weather, combined with the easy-going Mediterranean way of life, ensures that you’ll get a chance to fully relax here.

Tranquil Gozo

If you fancy something a little different during your time in Malta, then a trip to Gozo is perfect to refresh your mind. Quiet and picturesque, the sister island to Malta offers visitors the perfect place to get away from it all, with beautiful, well maintained beaches, a historic fort, and warm, crystalline waters to swim in, Bliss.

The buzz of nightlife

Malta may be tranquil and scenic, but that doesn’t detract from having an exciting and lively nightlife too! The island is a popular clubbing hub, with clubs offering music for all tastes and dipping into various genres, while open air clubs promise a unique experience that is bound to be one you’ll treasure.

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