Best Universities Of New Zealand

When you search for best universities in the world ? then you got some results from the new zealand. In New Zealand you’ll be able to realize lots of top-ranked universities that take their rightful place next to a number of the most important international university names out there.

Research and development have made the top universities in New Zealand’s a consistent performer among the top universities of the world.

Best Universities Of New Zealand

Below are some of the best universities to study at in New Zealand.

1 .University of Auckland


University of Auckland


The university of Auckland is started on 23rd May, 1883 as Auckland University. It has only 95 students and 4 teacher’s staff when university started but today Auckland University become largest university in New Zealand and it hosting around 40000 students on 5 Auckland campus.

As QS Ranking(2019) it has 85th Rank and Best Global Universities Rankings (2018)  142 rank worldwide.

2. University Of Otago 


University Of Otago 


The University of Otago is Opened in 1869, Otago is based in the city of Dunedin on the South island. It has around 20000 students, and it has beautiful gardens and architecture.

It has rank on 142nd place in QS ranking(2019) and in Best Global Universities Rankings(2018) it ranked on 217 place.

3.University Of Canterbury


University Of Canterbury


The University of Canterbury was founded by scholars of Oxford and Cambridge universities in 1873, making it the second oldest in New Zealand. This university hosted around 15000 students and around 1200 of them are international.

In the QS Ranking(2019) list it was listed on 231 place and as list of Best Global Universities Rankings(2018) it was listed on 333 place.

4. Victoria University of wallington


Victoria University of wallington


The University, originally known as Victoria College, was founded in 1897. This was the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Victoria University has over 22000 students including 3000 international students.

This university get 221nd rank worldwide as the QS Ranking(2019) and 441st rank as Best Global Universities Rankings(2018).

5. University Of Waikato


University Of Waikato


The University of Waitako was established in 1964 as first University of New Zealand. This university hosting around 12000 students.

It has 274th rank on QS Ranking (2019) and 658th rank on Best Global Universities Rankings(2018).


These are the best university of New Zealand for studying. If you want to more information about the new zealand and process for the go to study in New Zealand then Contact Us.



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