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Choosing the right school is not an exact science, but with a little background work, some searching questions and a thorough visit, you can look forward to enjoying a happy and productive partnership with your children’s new school.

One of the biggest concerns of parents when they learn that they’ll be relocating overseas is how their children will adjust and be educated. ” Will they be happy? Will they be safe? Will they be able to reintegrate when they return home?” These are all questions that parents ask themselves before departure.

When they learn upon arrival that the city has a wide array of educational choices available , including world class schools like The British School warsaw, parents are quickly comforted with the knowledge that their children will be safe, happy and well educated.

Primary and Secondary Schooling

Warsaw’s primary and secondary school community boasts programmes with increasingly elaborate facilities and varied academic offerings. For expat families that want an education using a standard international curriculum, Warsaw offers a range of international schoolsoffering International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. In recent years these IB programmes have gained popularity with secondary schools thanks to their global appeal and recognition from top universities worldwide. Some of the international schools have a waiting list, but the number of spaces is increasing however most admissions departments recommend applying by early march, as most schools begin finalising their rosters then. Contact admissions directly to find out if there is space in the specific year of your child. Most schools do not require an entrance exam, though an assesment may be required for students with less advanced English skills. Otherwise parents and students simply fill out an application form and provide previous school records, medical records, standardised test scores and sometimes a letter of recommendation.

British Education

British education is renowned for concerning itself with the development of the whole child. Learning is important, but it is not enough in itself. Young people need to explore and discover the world around them; to think for themselves, forming and re-forming their opinions; to learn how to relate to others; to develop their bodies through sport and physical education; to be team players; to be team leaders;  to develop their brains through academic and intellectual challenge; and, to gain experience in taking responsibility for themselves and others.

British education, while firmly rooted in the European traditions of scholarship and learning, nevertheless enthusiastically embraces these wider objectives. The British School, Warsaw, while teaching in English, follows the British National Curriculum which has a clearly defined series of academic, personal, social and emotional objectives at every level, known as the Key Stages and attainment at these stages is measured by standardised tests.

Parents who choose a British School that follows the National Curriculum can be sure that wherever they go in the world, the standards will be comparable to the UK, where Government monitoring of the unified curriculum guarantees quality. In a world where there is a bewildering array of schools teaching in English on the “international circuit”, the guarantee offered by a well developed national system, is a source of confidence and stability in what might well be an unfamiliar environment.

At The British School, Warsaw, we offer an excellent education in a stable, safe and inspiring environment. The English National Curriculum develops high academic success, independence and social responsibility.  You can expect to see the latest teaching methods in small classes, with excellent facilities, a wide choice of subjects and courses, and concern for your child’s welfare.  Sport and cultural activities are considered important to a broad education. This is why it is a core part of our curriculum.

The British School, Warsaw has over 20 years’ experience of catering for the needs of students from a range of nationalities. We have an excellent track record of high achievement as we prepare our students for the ever-changing 21st Century world and job market.

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