Student Visa for Canada

In order to study in Canada, students need to obtain a Canadian study permit, which is also known as Canadian student visa for the duration of their academic stay.

Canadian Student Visa

A student needs a study permit for studying and living in Canada. A student permit has to be renewed after some period of time, some of the benefits of the student permit are:

  • You can work part-time on-campus while studying
  • You can also work off-campus.
  • You can apply for internships.
  • Explore job opportunities while studying.

The above stated benefits can only be opted if you apply for a Canadian Student Visa.

How to Get Study Permit for Canada

A Canadian study permit can be obtained through the online portal of Canada immigration website or by submitting a written application.

Usually, the written application can take a long time to process. If you apply through an online portal, then you need to submit your scanned documents online and a debit or credit card to make the payment online.

Information about list of documents required to scan and submit online will be provided by the visa office of your country, the nearest visa application centre can also provide you all the required information.

You must obtain acceptance letter from the university where you will pursue your higher studies before applying for Study Permit. You can get this letter online or by filling the paper form which can be collected from the university.

Next step is to get the visa application form from the CIC website or you can also get it from your local visa office. International students should get a temporary residence permit, but it will be automatically processed at the time of study permit application.

To make sure that you are eligible for an online application of Canadian study permit, you will be asked some related questions on CIC website and that will determine your eligibility for the study permit.

You will receive a checklist code, in case you are found eligible for the study permit, code will be valid for a period of 60 days. You should save the page containing the code for any future use. This page also contains some of the important information like tuition expenses, and other informative data.

Next, you have to create an account on My CIC, where you will be asked to enter the personal checklist code and entering this code will allow you to submit your documents on CIC.

Once you get all the documentation and application forms completed, you will be allowed to pay fee and submit your application to CIC, some students may also have to submit the form at the local visa centre.

List of Documentation required for getting student visa :

  • Letter of acceptance from university/college which has offered you admission
  • Valid passport
  • Latest Passport size photographs (6 in number )
  • Valid documentation of your financial proof
  • Complete application form for study permit
  • Proof of application fee in acceptable format
  • An explanation letter showing your interest to continue with university/college program after completing your short term courses (certain courses which last for not more than 6 months)
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