Study in Italy: Admission and Italian Student Visa Process

Italy, the Mecca of fashion and gets a decent number of international students who intend to pursue fashion and design, although there are several others who come here to study Engineering and Business Administration as well. Aspirants are required to pre-apply at the Italian consulate/Embassy of their country of residence for pursuing  academic programes. Italian student visa is granted to only those students whose documents are checked by the embassy and approved by the concerned university they have applied to. Each year a limited number of seats are reserved at Italian universities for students from outside EU. This information is made public on the Ministry of University and Research website.


Italian universities have been intellectually diverse and the world’s oldest extant university still stands quite tall at Bologna. Students from all over the world have been known to attend the universities. Famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani as well as Popes have attended University of Bologna. The list is long with famous people from all walks of life.


In fact, Italy boasts of possessing four of the worlds oldest universities. In the QS rank of oldest universities, University of Bologna founded in 1088 leads with University of Padua (estd. 1222), University of Naples Federico II (estd. 1224) and University of Siena (estd. 1240) at sixth, seventh and eighth positions.


Innately stylish, the country is known art and design as well as ranked among the top 50 in the world for not so design subjects like Architecture, a variety of engineering disciplines like civil, structural, mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, anatomy and physiology, Pharmacy and pharmacology, law and legal studies.

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