Why Study in new zealand ?

New Zealand, It has same area as japan and Britain, but there are many reasons to go abroad for higher studies. There are many reasons that you simply should think studying in New Zealand rather than considering alternative countries. That’s why we looking Why studying in New Zealand?

Why study in New Zealand?

Here is some reason for choosing New Zealand as study destination.

  • New Zealand institutes are recognized internationally and are extremely regarded by employers worldwide.
  • Teaching standards within the country are wonderful. Students can vastly have the benefit of smaller category sizes that supply a lot of individualized attention.
  • New Zealand may be a young country wherever resourcefulness and independence are extremely regarded. Students will expect to a really supportive learning environment where they’re inspired to lift queries and perform creatively.

You can also choose the following scholarships:

  • New Zealand ASEAN scholar awards
  • UC international first year scholarships
  • New Zealand excellence awards
  • University of Otago international research postgraduate scholarships
  • University of Waikato international scholarships
  • New Zealand development scholarships

This scholarship can help you to manage your finance.

Study options

Academies of New Zealand offer mainly two academic admissions: January and July. Some Academies offer multiple admissions to its students in September and November.

Academies of New Zealand provide huge selection of the courses. Some Popular courses like Computer Science, Hospitality Management, Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, MBA and B.Com and also Students can choose between diploma, degree, vocational and polytechnic courses.

Cost of studying & leaving in New Zealand

Studying :  If you select arts and science courses it will cost NZD 20,000 – NZD 25,000 per year. And for an undergraduate program can cost NZD 18,000 –  NZD 25,000 and a postgraduate program can cost NZD 10,000 – NZD 30,000 per year.

DAILY NECESSITIES:  Buses will Costs NZD 70 – NZD 115 per month, travel as many times a day as u want on any buses in Auckland & suburbs

Petrol :  If you have your own vehicle then petrol can cost NZD 1 per liter.

Electricity : If yo have 4 bed house, family of four, with all the electronic gadgets possible, like Heaters, showers, microwave, oven, fridge, water heater, electric blanket, TV, video games in New Zeland then your electricity bill can cost NZD 120.

Grocery : If you have four member family then your weekly cost for food supplies (Veg & Non-veg) is around NZD 150.

MINIMUM WAGES : Act to which every employee is protected to get a minimum wage of 7.7 $ / hour.


Benefits of studying in New Zealand

  • Availability of multiple Academies and part-time work options.
  • There is best option for student those involve in the doctoral or research program than they can stay back in New Zealand.
  • Seven University of New Zealand is recognized in top 500 universities in the world.
  • As a world standard the crime rate in New Zealand is low.


Now you will see there are around 100,000 people who go and studying in New Zealand every year. Will you want getting your higher education in beautiful and peaceful country New Zealand ? We will help to you how to do application and how to choose the best academy for you. If you have any query then contact us or comment below.


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